Digital Marketing 101

what is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is just simple marketing. The only difference that it has compared to outdoor marketing it is that it is done online and needs one to be just as strategic as much as one would be with outdoor marketing.

But if you are a beginner in digital marketing almost 90% of you time needs to be spent hustling and making sure that your advertisement or promotion are reaching the potential consumers or customers. and if you really want to succeed in digital marketing you need to learn each and every digital platform and how it works.

The only way that a person can learn something is by practicing that specific task or thing, that’s why there is a saying that says practice makes perfect. Yes, some sort of knowledge is important but the core of really testing your knowledge is by putting it into practice.

Another thing you have to allow yourself to be a beginner especially if you’re fresh out of college or university or you are just really passionate about working online and starting an online business whether you are doing it as a side hustle or you really want to be invested in it.

How to Start A Career in Digital Marketing

first thing first, I’ll advice you to create a website, a website of any kind or a WordPress blog more like mine but with something that you are passionate and something that you are sure that you’ll never get disinterested in, I prefer WordPress. The best way to start or learn about digital marketing is to start with your own site.

My second point is that you need to familiarise yourself with search engine optimisation. SEO is a process that drives traffic to your website organically without you having to pay or do paid promotion for it, not only just that it also helps you write beneficial keywords for your websites that will also drive traffic to your website.

One may ask, what are beneficial keywords? they are word that people type in mostly on google search when they are searching something about a certain topic. Some SEO tools are free but some cost money.

Promoting, promoting and some more promoting as I get into my third point which is that you must promote you work make sure that you promote you website in any possible way that you could even if you feel like you might be annoying people promote your WORK!!! someone, somewhere will be reading by doing this, once you’ve landed yourself some clients everything would be much easy.

As I finish this blog post. Be opened to collaborations, there is always something that the next person knows more than so be warm hearted to learn from the next person and don’t be afraid to ask for help from people who have been into the industry you are trying to penetrate for years.

5 Types of Digital Marketing

There are various of elements that goes into digital marketing below you’ll get 5 different types of digital marketing

check out the infographic below.

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