Don’t Be Arrogant

1. Honor other’s opinions and welcome other’s thoughts

No matter at which peak of success you are one thing that you should always remember as an entrepreneur is that never close the doors for others when it comes to listening to others ideas and thoughts, you should always welcome the ideas of others or your team members, no matter how immature and futile it sounds to you. For the interest of company that’s direly needed.

2. Be generous enough to face the challenge for improvement of status quo

For bringing brilliant innovations it is must for you to face the challenge in order to improve status quo of your company. The more you work for its improvements the bigger the progress you will make.

3. You must have clue what is yet to be learnt and what you are ignorant of

Never present yourself as the one who has all the know-how because we all know there is no end of learning, so you should be well aware of what you are ignorant of, so you may never get caught in any awkward situation. Get to know what don’t know and work for it.

4. Conduct free debates for getting maximum ideas

In the process of decision making never involve the conflict that is based on the ideas and standpoints of others that you have suppressed. It any such conflict exists then the smart decision making will get effected.

So be generous enough to conduct debates, by doing this you will get to know how many people are disagreeing and how many are showing an agreement, these free debates will let you reach a great execution of your decision.


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To Young Entrepreneurs

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