Making Money Online By Flipping Items

Have you been thinking of giving away your clothes? or you want to get rid of things in your closet or home that you no longer want or need. Flipping will help you do just that but at a profit, or you just want to know how you can flip items at a profit. A lot of people want to sell their items at a lower in the name of getting rid of that idea.

But have you ever thought to yourself what happens to my item once you have sold it at a much lower price? well this blog post is here to share with you the exact business model that many big company’s who are resellers make money by using your items to make profit. e.g) cash cruders, webuycars just to mention a few in South Africa etc.

What is Flipping?

Well, in its simplest term flipping is reselling for a profit. Maybe you might have seen a webuycars advert, they have a market flipping business model where you buy an item at a low price, touch it up here and there and then increase the price in which you are going to sell it in order for you to make a profit.

There are a lot of items that you can potentially flip so that you can make profit for yourself. Today I’ll share with you how you can do this with items that you might own or with items you can find at a thrift store, your moms closet, neighbours garage you name it.

Market flipping is a process of buying items from places like thrift stores or flea market at a low price and then selling them online at a slightly higher price, using Many e-commerce platforms or even social media.

Where Can I Find Items To Flip?

I have mentioned a few place where you can find items to flip but the list is endless you just have to think deeper and thing outside the box really.

In South Africa we don’t really have yard or garage sales or I just haven’t seen one but trust me when I say South Africans are hoarders and in those garages you’ll find items that they no longer use. Some even chose to burn things since they have absolutely no idea what to do with it. I stay at a township so I know what I am talking about and I have seen stuff.

I am not saying go door to door asking people to look through their garages or wardrobes but you can advertise or market yourself as a person who want to buy these items and tell them how this would be beneficial for them as your marketing tactic.

Other places could be:

  1. Flea market
  2. Facebook groups and other online platform
  3. Gumtree
  4. Craiglist
  5. eBay
  6. Booksales at universities
  7. Family members

Which Items Can I Flip?

With flipping you can flip almost anything and everything, but you must also keep in mind that every business model has different kinds of trends and by this I mean that some items can make you more profit then others. but the options and opportunities are endless. With flipping you are your own limit.

  1. Clothes

You have to double check each and every clothing item before making any purchase. Once purchase is made you can then wash, iron and check if each and every stitch and button are still attached.

2. Furniture

When it comes to furniture, you can insure that there is no scratch on it by refurbishing it by cleaning and maybe painting it.

3. Musical Instruments

4. Appliances

Appliances can be found almost every where, for example college and university students that would no longer be needing they appliances, they might be giving them away for free or sell them at a small cost. some may need to be fixed here and there

5. Exercise equipment

Exercising machines usually take up a lot of space therefore, you can look for exercise machines that were hardly use. check if they still work properly and certainly dust them off.

6. Electrons

Here in South Africa we know that cash crusaders thrives with these ones. So if you know how to fix them, you can buy them at a small price and then sell them at a profit.


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