How To Start A Successful Blog

You are about to begin a journey that you never imagined you’ll start. Maybe you have, That line just sounded like a good entrance in my mind but I am not lying!!! You are about to begin a journey that many could find difficult including myself but I definitely think its worth it with the right mindset and intentions.


According to Wikipedia, a Blog is a discussion or information website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, oftentimes informal diary style text entries (posts).

Thousands and thousands of blogs are created world wide for many different reason, whether for business purposes or for personal use. Some begin blogging with no intention of making money with it, and some begin blogging with every move calculated. Today I’ll be giving you tips on how to start a successful and profitable blog.


  • Blogging is free
  • Blogging can increase your writing skills
  • You can use blogging as a way of unplugging or as a stress reliever
  • Blogging can help you build an online portfolio
  • Blogging can help you market your business
  • With blogging you can make a difference by sharing your knowledge

Blogging has always been something on my mind. To be honest with you, I have unsuccessful created a number of blogs in which if I think about, only one had a chance.I actually launched it and I started spreading the word on these social media street. After I successfully launched that blog, I began having no time for it. Matter of fact, I even forgot that I had launched a blog.

It was about skin, I had nothing thats connecting me to skin expect fo the fact that I wanted a clear skin and thats an obsession that I had ever since I was young. I never had like super clear skin but my adult self kept on persisting that one day, just one day my skin shall be flawless. So I kept on trying all these different products which didn’t even make any major difference.

Before I go on and on the moral of the story is, yes I was obsessive about having clear and flawless skin but was I passionate enough about skin to a point where i can write multiple blog post about it?

You guessed is right, the answer is a simple and a loud NO!

And that’s what has lead me to these 5 points that will help you to start your own blog just like mine or even much better.

How to start a WordPress blog

  1. Choose Your Niche

There are so many topics that one could think about from skin to diets to fashion etc but when thinking about choosing a niche that could make you +R10 000 plus, you have to choose a topic that you will be consistently posting about because that is what content creation is all about, Being Consistent.

Choose a niche that you will be consistent on, but consistency is not the only thing required to make a successful blog. There are many other elements like matching your passion, it is so much easy to be consistent in something that you love and passionate about. Lastly you must have some sort of knowledge about it.

2. Decide on your Blog name

Once you know which niche you are gunning for picking a blog name should be much easy because you will be able to base it on the niche that you have chosen, Example: Millennial Business Guide. My niche essentially was for young people who have a goal of starting a business or they are aspiring entrepreneurs. The niche and the blog name align or they go hand in hand.

I would advice that you keep your blog name short as it would be much easier to remember and also much quicker to type it out. You can also include your name on your blog maybe for branding purposes or any other reason really.

You can also decide whether you want your blog to have a logo or not and another important thing is choosing a correct colour palette for your blog.

3. setting up WordPress

Just like any other platform setting up a WordPress account requires you to sign up for it. Click on the image to sign up.

Once you have created an account with them, you can then go ahead choosing a suitable theme for your blog and let the working begin. Write a few quality posts about four or five to begin with. And then complete your creation by adding an about me page, contact page and a policy page.

4. Spreading The Word

Now this is when you have to test the market, find out what your readers want to know and give it to them. This is where you have to Market your blog if you want to generate income from it. The more views you get the likely advertisers would want to place they ads on your blog.

So where do I start you may ask, and social media is the first place I will lead you to. set up social media accounts and add the icons to your blog menu. Don’t forget to add social sharing plugin. bare in mind that if you want to add non-free plugins on WordPress, you have to update your blog to the business package.

Always promote your new post on social media.

5. Monetizing your blog

There are a number of ways that you can monetise your blog namely, through ads, affiliates, online products and sponsored posts. As for the first two ways that I mentioned which is ads and affiliate WordPress requires you to set up an Adsense account as well as to install Site Kit plugin which unfortunately is a paid plugin and needs one to upgrade their WordPress blog to the business package as mentioned before.

And then the last two are all up to you you decide which product or service you want to sell to your audience and setting your own price etc. With sponsored posts, companies might have seen your work and then ask you to write a blog post about it, maybe reviewing it or rather just spreading the word about that company.

To learn more about Site kit click Here

Thank you for reading this blog. Do like, comment below and don’t forget to follow more of MBG on the social media platforms.

Below is a infographic that is downloadable to guide you on the journey of starting your own blog.

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