Business Guide: how to find business ideas

Iam not telling you it’s going to be easy,

Iam telling you it’s going to be worth it

Have you been asking yourself which business should I start or maybe you have a certain amount of money that you want to use it in starting a business instead of spending it? Are you frustrated because you just can’t seem to come up with a perfect business idea?

Well you came to the place but truth be told great business ideas are everywhere, you just haven’t programmed yourself or you mind to see them and by this I don’t mean that you have to take a journey to a forest or far away to meditate the next Game changer, No.

but its the little things that upset you that’s where the real ideas come from. Have you ever asked yourself what was the main reason behind Facebook, a washing machine even wigs? All these people who came up with these ideas, all that they were trying to fulfill was a problem, a need and a frustration that they might have or maybe they heard someone near them complaining about a certain thing and out of it a great business idea come out of it.

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  1. Pay Attention To Your Surrounding

always be aware of your surrounding, search for something that can make your life better of for the people around you. Listen to what people are mostly complaining or what you are complaining about and try to find a solution that can help you solve that problem.

2. Use Your Gift Or Skills

Gift a natural ability or talent. I believe we all have gifts some people know there gifts and some people are not really sure if they have any, that is why one should look out for thing that they love doing and not only that but things that they do really good, that could be your gift and you can turn it into a business, and if you want to be an expert in it, then you can go for training and that is where skills come from.

Skills are expertise or talent needed in order to do a job for a task. for example you are interested in electrons and you dream is to create you own Phone brand, then in that case you have to get the electron skills or training to fulfil that dream or interest.

3. What Do People See In You

These are things that you do unconsciously but when you do them, you do them really good. You might not notice them but the people surrounding you always compliment you on it, this goes hand in hand with undiscovered natural talent. lets say when you are around people are always laughing, you can turn that to a business and become a comedian. same goes as cooking, giving good advice etc.

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