Thanks for joining me!

2019 we were placing pavements, 2020 we are building a strong foundation . — Nomzamo Mtshali 

I am excited to have you onboard, This is my first brand new blog. Bringing to you Millennial Business Guide blog with all the information that you need to start and run a successful business, now you have access to all the information that you need to start your business, start your side Hustles etc. with no cuts or missing information.

I’m Nomzamo Mtshali the founder of Millennial Business Guide. This blog is for everyone who is seeking more knowledge on how to go about this entrepreneurial journey but not only just that, I’ll be also posting on how to prepare yourself as an individual to remain strong in this journey and not to ever lose hope. I’ll be writing about topics that I share on Youtube and many more so stay tuned.

millennial business guide youtube

I am trying to accommodate people without data, Data is very expensive in South Africa, therefore, I have realized that people who can’t afford it or those you don’t have access to Wi-Fi tend to suffer and can’t watch the full video on YouTube, now you can get all the information right here and also get to understand me better and clearer. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to DM me on all MBG social media accounts, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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